We invest in your online start up

Dotcom-Capital is not like any other. Combining venture capital with an active business angel we can help taking your dotcom project to the next level. Not all start-ups needs pure cash, but some also need resources within business development, technology, marketing or online payments.

We only invest or engage in online projects and preferably in the early phase of the project. This is to make sure we spend our resources where we are good and can capitalize together with you and your project.

If you are looking for cash, brains or both, you have come to the right place. We call it intelligent money.


What can Dotcom-Capital do for me?

Dotcom-Capital can assist you and your business with capital, guidance and knowledge. With our years of experience in the online tech industry we can both offer the capital you need to push your business further and the valuable experience and network that can assist your business in achieving success.

Who is behind Dotcom-Capital?

Dotcom-Capital is a joint venture between the online entrepreneurs Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Dahlerup. We are both serial entrepreneurs with many years of experiences in the online marketing industry. We have knowledge of starting various online businesses and running and improving online projects.

Why is Dotcom-Capital helping businesses?

Our passion at Dotcom-Capital is to inspire and help new businesses to grow and flourish. We help businesses that we see potential in, with the hope and aim of a profitable investment.

Are their any requirements to my business?

At Dotcom-Capital we focus on helping projects and businesses in the tech- and online industry. This includes online retailers, online advertising, online payments providers and innovative tech ideas. Within this field we focus on the early phase of a project. Our expertise and experience lie within the first steps of transforming ideas into profitable online businesses.

Therefore we require that your business be within the tech- or online industry and within the initial phases of start-up.

What will I have to do in order to get the help I need?

Do you have an idea for an online business or a recently established project where you feel you need either financial help and/or professional guidance? All you have to do is submit your business case here and some general information about the project. We will examine your case and if we believe that your business idea sounds interesting and fit with what we can offer, we will be in touch about establishing a beneficial collaboration.

What if my business is not a startup? Can I still apply?

Our main focus is upon assisting businesses and projects in the initial phases of start-up. This is where we believe our help and expertise is most valuable. However you can always submit your case regardless of the stage of you project and we will assess whether or not we believe there could still be basis for a propitious partnership.