It’s better to launch a little too early than too late – read here why

How important is to find the perfect timing for your launch? Can a business launched too early or too late be bound to fail? Is there even a “too early”?


The answers to these questions are fairly simple.

First of all, finding the perfect moment for the launch of your company can be a nice idea, but it is certainly not the crucial element of success. The launch is a symbolic moment for you and your team, but it is not really worth waiting for.

Who will remember your launch?

Do you remember how some of the most famous companies launched? You probably don’t, so here’s a reminder: Google had a very basic interface, Twitter didn’t even look offer the services we know today and Facebook only offered a portion of information shown on today’s profiles. This didn’t slow down these mega-successful companies, it won’t be a problem for yours either. What really matters is having an idea and putting it out there. This is why you shouldn’t wait too long for your launch. Once you have a strong name and an initial idea, you should go for it. It may seem difficult and you may not feel ready, but there is really no such thing as launching too early. You want to start running your race as soon as possible, you can change things, improve them and polish them as you go.

Therefore, to answer the question from the beginning of this text, you cannot launch too early, but if you wait too long, you can ruin a perfectly good idea.

What is the main thing to do?

Have the courage and believe in your company from the start.

This will allow you to break the ice and start doing business. An early launch will bring you early customer experience and based on that experience, you’ll make some tweaks to your initial idea. It is extremely important to be ready to adapt as your business grows. While an early launch will do no harm, lack of adaptability will. Your idea is just the base of your business, you should be focused on listening to your clients’ needs and growing your idea from there. An early launch can only be of help in this aspect. So don’t hesitate and just do it. Remember, no one will think about the launch once your business takes off. As LinkedIn’s CEO once said: “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” So even if you’re a little hesitant, just go for it.


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