A few words about chasing your passion

They say you shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, but we say, work should be one of life’s pleasures. Many people go into the world of business with the desire to earn money.

While this is a legitimate reason, it is not great in the long run. If you want your business to thrive, you should not pursue financial gain, you should first and foremost chase your passion.


Not convinced this is the right way? Here are just some of the reasons why you should believe in yourself and chase your passion:

It gives you purpose

Having a passion and pursuing it can give your life purpose. Chasing money and money alone can never be as fulfilling as chasing your passion. If you incorporate your passion into your business, you will reach new heights and you will have a purpose that goes beyond material goods.

It makes work easier

Do you love your work? If your passion is incorporated in your work, working will feel great. Chasing your dream can be so motivating that you will be glad to dedicate your time and energy to work. Otherwise, it will just become another chore (which nobody would like).

It gives you satisfaction

Chasing your passion means having an idea and going after it. It means putting all your efforts towards your goal. And, it will eventually pay off, which feels great.Pursuing your passion can give you a great satisfaction in life, much greater than anything money has to offer.

It’s the only way to success

Do you want to succeed? Well, success needs to be your result, not your sole purpose. If you don’t love your job, you won’t be able to reach true success, but it your chase your passion, success will come eventually. Keep in mind that money comes and goes, but the real achievements in life are the result of your passion!


These are just some of the numerous reasons why you should stand behind your ideas and pursue your passion. The best entrepreneurial success stories came from their creators passion and hard work.

Worried about the financial side of things?

It’s true that sometimes, passion is not all it takes. But it’s the most important ingredient! If money is the only element missing from your potential success story, work on finding angel investors or take a loan, maybe your idea needs just a small financial boost. Investors like DotCom-Capital are on the lookout for people who have that passion in order to help them grow their business. For more info check out http://dotcom-capital.com/.