Good to have you here

At Dotcom-Capital, we invest our funds and advise online businesses, preferably in the early phase, on strategy and execution. Dotcom-Capital is a small joint of companies and key players, which can provide capital and help under the same name – Dotcom-Capital. This means our way isn’t exactly customary, but we make long-term, idea-driven strategic investment in our chosen core areas, such as: online retailers, online services, online advertising, online payments providers, innovative tech ideas and other.

- We make quick decisions and use personal entrepreneurial experience in helping you, facing challenges on the way to success. We call it intelligent money.

- We believe our job is making a positive impact on the companies where we are part of, through strong relationships, education and resources essential to your business growth.

You are our partner, our customer, and our number one priority because we share a common goal:
to drive business as far as it can go.  

Who are we?

Dotcom-Capital is a private joint venture capital company formed by the two partners: Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Dahlerup.

“We admire those who are driven to push the limits of what is possible within online industry; therefor we created Dotcom-Capital to help entrepreneurs build great businesses.”

Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Dahlerup have successfully partnered for the last couple of years. Together they have been working on several companies and ongoing projects within online industry. The more challenging business was, the closer they became as entrepreneurs and friends.

Working with a business partner means dealing with different personality style. Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Dahlerup turned their differences into a huge advantage for the development of their business.

Through the years they have been entrepreneurs, partners and investors. For the most part, they both know what you, as an entrepreneur need. Find out more information about investors here or check the links below.


Our Investment Approach

  • We back most ambitions entrepreneurs and help them make their ideas real and lasting.
  • We support an idea from concept all the way to its realization and analyze opportunities carefully.
  • More important than the capital we bring our experience and network.
  • Our services include, but not limited to: Business Development, Financial and Data Analysis,
    Fund Raising, Marketing, Media, PR, Sales, Management and other.
  • We only invest in online projects or early phase businesses driven by taste for success.

What types of companies Dotcom-Capital invest in?

  • We invest in projects and early stage companies;
  • We invest in companies operating only within online industry and tech, such as: online retailers,
    online services, online advertising, online payments providers, innovative tech ideas etc.
  • We invest in companies that typically have proof of concept and revenue.
  • Dotcom-Capital refers to the domain .com, and that we invest in online / tech industry.

We look for people who make things happen. Who have ideas that can be turned into a scalable business, who are willing to go as far as possible to get what they want.