Building a successful team – a few simple tips

What is actually a team? It is a small group of people that is gathered around an idea.

What is the crucial thing in a successful team?

  • Should all the members know each other before they start working together?
  • Should they be friends or family or somehow related in order to get the work done better?
  • Should all the team members get along?

Those are some of the questions you can never have the exact answer to. Sometimes, people that work together just click, and they do not have to be a family or related in a certain way, that is totally unnecessary. But should everyone get along? Should that be the crucial thing in making a team successful?

Not exactly! All the team members should be focused on the goal. So, before considering the team members, you should set your mission and your goal straight and clear. You should make it understandable and thorough so that everyone can understand and be a part of it.

How to handle the motivation in the team?

Even though it is good to take the initiative and choose the right people for cooperation, sometimes it is better for people to find you. If you have set your goal, some of the candidates looking at the goal you are focused on, may also be equally interested in it. In that way, you are going to find people that are equally involved in your idea and it will be easier to make the team passionate about the whole process, and they will grow to be equally passionate about working together for common goal.

The two important ways of motivating the team members during the project are:

  • Encouragement – some people need encouragement in order to perform better
  • Rewards – other people are more practical in a way that, the only thing they need and that makes them focused and engaged in team work or in certain goal is money.

In order to reinforce the state of your new team, you should focus on –

Meetups – are you communicating with the members?

Communication is the essential part of having a team that is functional and devoted to the goal. It is not just important to give out the orders and wait for the people to finish what they have to. The crucial thing lies in communicating the needs of the people involved. So:

  • How often should the team meetup?
  • How much is the team working individually and how much as a group?

The importance of good and effective meetups lies in asking the right questions and in time. If some of the team members have it hard with a certain task, you have to be the first to know, and then all of the team members will be able to help and cooperate in solving it, because that is what teams are actually – small families!

If some of the team members are under-performing, you can also consider coaching them. And if you need coaching or a certain guidance in how to be more effective, how to make a team, or form a goal, then Casper Ravn-Sørensen can help you with that! If you would like to have a tutor or someone to invest in you, feel free to contact our team in Dotcom-Capital together with Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup.

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