Casper Ravn-Sørensen: One plus one equals – Three!

Casper Ravn-Sørensen is an entrepreneur and an angel investor who likes to tell a story about his life. He emphasizes that he would be more than happy if someone would read these words of his about his life and become inspired as he was in 2006 when he first left his hometown.

Do you ever sit in your apartment in your small town where you are situated thinking “It would be so great if my project would come to life! It is such a great idea it’s a shame no one will ever know about it”.

Then stop sitting in your apartment and start working on it!

Casper Ravn-Sørensen likes to say that one plus one equals three:

“It should be understood in the way that, together with a company or a group of people, you can make something great, far greater than doing something by yourself.”

Show that you are capable of gathering a group of people around the same goal

For Casper it wasn’t about the idea that he had, in 2006 he and his friend created together a company called Media Denmark ApS. If you would come to Casper with some great idea of a project, it wouldn’t be enough. He says that one of the most important thing is that the person that comes to him, has the ability to create a pride of people. Every person should have something he or she is great in, and together they can conquer the world. Just as his friend and him did it back in 2006. Just like today, Casper and his fellow co-worker Mads have created Dotcom Capital which threatens to be even greater enterprise than it is now.

You have to understand that your own capabilities are limited in a way. You are not Superman. Even though we all want to be one. You should have at least one person in your project that compliments your skills. It’s not about inviting your best friend to join you in your project. It can also be an acquaintance that is very capable in some area you aren’t even familiar with. It can happen that you are the world’s greatest seller. But if you are selling a software that is not working well, you are going to lose your customers with time. If you are having a long-term business idea, the most important thing is gathering a bunch of people that have the same, positive spirit in relation to the project and that they are all complimenting each other as a team. It is not about doing everything yourself, you should gather the people who would solve each other’s problems. If not internally in the company, then externally as well.

Hard work above pure luck

For Casper, everything has always been about hard work. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much luck on the way, but he was positive during the whole process. If you would ask him what it takes to be big, he would say – making many sacrifices. But it all works out after a while. You just have to be brave and work hard since it is the only way your project or startup company is going to make it in this world. That is the spirit Casper would like to see in you if you would come to him and ask him for a loan or a cooperation in your project.

I think it is awesome to talk to people that are passionate about their project. With people that maybe already have earned some money on it. These people know what the mission is. That we are going to scale the things up though the right network, knowledge and financing. They already know and show that together we can get the project moving to the next level. If you show me that you already have invested your own money and earned some money on the way, I am not going to take you for granted. It is utterly important to present yourself with some investment you already have had. If you come to me and I see that you haven’t invested the money from your piggy bank at least, why would I help you with my own money?

Using social networks

Communicating with the people that are already successful means a lot. That is why you should make your own Linkedin profile at least and connect with Casper Ravn-Sørensen. There, you can read even more about his personal and business experience and follow the groups he is following. He can be your inspiration you are seeking. But also you should learn that it is important to follow the people who are having the ideas that are similar with yours or are in the same place (both mentally and geographically). In that way you would be able to connect with them as well and create a personal and business friendship that would come a long way forward.

Casper says:

One of the things that meant so much to me is the ability and desire to make things happen. My own power is the power of asking things. I would ask many times, different questions in different ways, depending on what persons I am asking. Everything in order to achieve what I had in mind. People around me soon learn that it is best for everyone to give and return information and help on time.

I hope you found the article inspirative, there are more articles regarding his personal and businness life as well as investment projects.

See you again soon!

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