Casper Ravn-Sørensen

Dotcom Capital is created as the idea of two young entrepreneurs and entrepreneur mentors to help other young entreprenurs pursue their goals. Here, you can read one of the main things that you should follow as to capture the attention of these to professionals.

Gathering the right persons around the same idea

As a young person that has big ambitions you have an urge for freedom and independence while wishing your idea breaks through and earns money. If you are that kind of a person and you are surrounded with a team that is equally motivated and passionate about it. Maybe you have it all thought through and the only thing missing is someone to invest in you and on that way, push you and your idea forward in the market. Dotcom Capital can help you achieve your desires.

One of the first things that would capture Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Emil Fast Dahlerups attention is that you are a team of motivators. You and your team should motivate each other and to have an urge to push the project forward.

The best part of being an investor is that you get to mentor great minds. There are so many talented entrepreneurs that have a huge potential. It’s great to talk to so many people that are passionate about their ideas or projects. These people usually know how to scale things with the right network, knowledge and capital.

I am very involved when I feel that the entrepreneur really feels its project, has a strong concept and a committed team – this is when my full attention is captured.

Being a geek is not a thing

If you and your team have a youthful spirit it is a plus. But you shouldn’t be scared if your grades are not so good. In the business world there are other things that are important. Other than your spirit, it is also your adaptability and acceptance of the new things. You should believe that you are capable of learning new ideas fast and being able to adapt to new situations better than other business leaders with a lot of experience. Casper is well aware of that as well.

You don’t have to be the geek in the class to build a profitable company. I was always mediocre in school. Never interested in grades or what teachers would say about my academic works. The most important thing for me was that, everything I would find out and learn during the classes, I could use in practice. Theory was never my thing so to say. Actually, I would say High school has always been a place where you can learn things that can make you mediocre. It doesn’t have a purpose of teaching you things that could make you an expert in some subject. Just to get things straight – education is useful, there is no doubt about that. But it simply cannot make you a good and valuable businessman. It cannot give you a possibility and a base whereupon you can earn millions just because you had all A’s.

Taking things to the next level

There are a lot of companies that maybe already have the same idea as you do, but the most important thing is to learn from their mistakes and contribute some new view on the topic or the idea, therefore it is Dotcom Capital that can give you possibilities of expanding your own ideas and taking them to the next level. It is all about learning and constantly challenging yourself; being able to show your strengths in the best way possible and realising what you can bring to the market. The process itself is never easy, it wasn’t easy for Casper either, that is why his desire is to help young people, those people that remind him of him when he was young, to help them achieve more by giving them the right tools.

Casper would say:

Being able to help talented young entrepreneurs with my network, knowledge and money has become my mission. As an investor I decided to reach out to entrepreneurs, and help them grow successful businesses. I like young entrepreneurs; they hold a better understanding of modern technology and how it can change the business game. Therefore, together with my partner Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup we founded Dotcom-Capital. The company offers different kind of resources; knowledge, experience, networks and capital that helps many businesses get out from the ground. 

Finding the right investor and understanding your mission

The team should set parameters defining clearly the type of the investor they are thriving for. It is not just about what the investor wants, but also what you want from the investor. You should take time for a small investigation regarding the types of the previous investment projects the investor has previously had; what type of obligations you would have in relation to him­/her etc. After the research is done, you would be able to find matching characteristics according to what you want from the investment process and what does the investor want from you. As an example, Casper Ravn-Sørensen has, together with his fellow partner Mads, invested in an Århus website

As an entrepreneur, it is also about asking the important questions to yourself and to your team. It is about communicating with the existing concept you have in your minds before you will ask for an investment from someone. When some young entrepreneur-to-be comes to my office, the questions I pose are usually rather simple. But I want from you to examine various things before you would come to me. I wouldn’t be a fan of your presentation if you had just learned a list of things by heart, I want you and your team to feel the idea with your hearts. If I see and feel that in you, than you have captured my full attention.

Getting to know the customers’ mind

Being a young entrepreneur who has a marvellous idea, you could think of that idea as something everyone would love. After all, it is your and your teams’ idea, of course it is genius. But the real problem is actually understanding the customers, and making customers understand your product and what you want to sell. It is the communication everything is revolving around, that is the way you can make a million-dollar idea easily become a billion-dollar idea. Dotcom Capital can help you with that with their years of experience since its founders Casper and Mads are on the market for years now, they have come to know the soul of the customers but know how to recognize the spirit of the inexperienced youngsters whose ideas are fresh and inspiring and can make changes in the whole world as well. That would be the winning collaboration, as Casper would like to point out:

I believe young entrepreneurs nowadays have more advantages since they’ve been growing up with modern technology and Internet. The Internet and social media platform has been the game changer in business. Entrepreneurs can now think globally; they can design and deliver solutions easier. With the social media platforms today, an entrepreneur can sell a product without a physical location, build a brand and grow the business right from the apartment. You need only a PC and the Internet connection to turn an idea into a successful business opportunity. Nowadays the entrepreneurs can build great business with less effort, low costs and high interactivity, which was not possible before.

Facing toward internationalisation

The other important thing is, as you could read in the previous paragraph, that Dotcom Capital likes to invest in companies that are to be international. It is all about thinking big. One cannot produce an idea and develop it the best way possible without thinking whether the idea itself could expand to Europe, or, why the hell not, around the globe! When you read the motivational posters on Instagram saying “Only sky is your limit” you could consider it as something rather dull and worn-out. But it actually isn’t. In Dotcom Capital, they like when young minds think big since it can bring out a lot of beautiful and inspiring things, ideas and contacts, but of course, let’s not forget, a lot of money as well.

Casper Ravn-Sørensen remembers:

When I came to Copenhagen, I had no network, job or an accommodation I could afford. I had to start from the scratch to build up my dream, even if this meant to miss many of the joys and freedom that other guys my age took for granted. 

But I was strongly motivated to invest all my effort, time and ambition into building up successful businesses. It didn’t happen out of the blue. I had to work and give up a lot, especially in the beginning. I saw an opportunity that made me feel motivated, determined and curious, so I just jumped in. The path I chose was risky but it felt right for me, and I knew I am the only one that can truly make a difference in my life.

I was dreaming big and was very excited to create my own business. When I first started I was very determined and confident that I will succeed as an entrepreneur, and eventually become a mentor for other entrepreneurs.

Casper Ravn-Sørensen as a co-owner

He dreamt big and now, he can make your dreams and passions come true. And not just through financing your project or a company, but also by mentoring and guiding you through the whole process, and, if you would like to, he could also become a co-owner of your company sharing his ideas and thoughts with you in the whole process of building your companies empire. That is what happened with one of his latest investments project as already mentioned – an Århus based online company. was, at the point of making, actually looking for a loan since they urgently needed the capital. Co-founder and CTO, Christian Leth, says that Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Fast Dahlerup would rather become co-owners of the company.

We think that it is a much better idea as well, instead of just borrowing the money to us, that they also became co-owners. They gave us a big network and now we have a possibility to buy stock products and invest in the technology and marketing that we need says Christian Leth. had big ambitions to expand internationally as well right from the start.

Now, after a year, we are on European market under a new brand and a completely new platform. It would have been a utopia if we haven’t had a partnership with Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Fast Dahlerup says Christian Leth.

Now the only thing you should do is contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen directly and present him your idea. What are you waiting for?