How to build a scalable company that can easily operate in new countries?

Like most startups, yours probably started out as a rather small company. However, despite the fact that at the beginning it was just your idea, your company needs to be prepared for potential growth and possible development in foreign markets.

Here are some tips on how to succeed in building a scalable company.

Invest wisely early on

When your company is at its humble beginnings, you may face situations where you can choose a basic option or model and pay for a service that you need significantly less. While this may seem tempting, if you want a scalable business, think again. It is wise to invest well early on, which means paying more money, but also getting more in return. This applies to things such as online shopping options on your website or customer support. If you invest from the start in your website, for example, then you will have less expenses later on when your company has significantly more clients, and therefore significantly more traffic on its website. This applies to every country you do business in – if you’re well prepared, you will have no trouble when you start expanding to new markets.

Attract investors

If you do want to invest from the start, you will soon need more money, which is a hard task for new entrepreneurs. This problem can be resolved by attracting investors. Angel investors can be the perfect solution to avoid financial trouble when you want to grow your company. Attracting great investments can be the perfect way for entrepreneurs to not only start their business, but also to make their business scalable and eventually take it to new countries and markets.If you are on the lookout for the perfect angel investor, check out Dotcom-Capital, together, we could take your business to the next level.

Don’t be afraid of outsourcing

If you want to make a scalable company, and especially a scalable company that can do business in multiple countries, outsourcing is a great way to grow your company. You need to separate tasks you want done first, and then trust them with either a large global outsourcing agency and/or with local agencies, depending on the task. While you should still focus on the core of your business, outsourcing can be perfect for numerous necessary tasks that would only take up your time. Also, outsourcing is the perfect solution to language barriers you’ll face in foreign countries, as well as cultural differences. With outsourcing, you can take on new markets with less worries and more success.

Consider making a franchise

Another great way to create a scalable business is to make a franchise at some point. Once you’ve proven that your idea has true potential and that it works, you can set your standards and allow room for a franchise. Furthermore, a franchise will take some workload off of your shoulders and allow you to work on what you do best. With a franchise, your company could scale a lot faster and be more effective.

Make yourself redundant

It is not easy to admit that you don’t need to do everything yourself. Even if at the very beginning, it was just you, at some point you need to let other do the work. A scalable company is a company that doesn’t rely on any individual, including yourself. After your idea reaches a certain level of success, let others take on some workload in order to allow your business to become independent, sort of speak. If you achieve this, you will know you have a scalable business and it will be a lot easier to expand globally. Remember, you can’t run be present in multiple countries at once, which is why you need to build a well-organized business that works on its own, it’s the key to success.


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