How to choose the right people for your team

The most important thing to look for in a candidate? His ability to learn. Many candidates have impressive resumes and solid work experience, but does this make them perfect for your business? Not necessarily.

The most important quality in a potential team member is his willingness to learn. Your business will grow, your staff needs to be able to do the same.

When starting your own business, there is a number of tasks you will have to manage, so at some point you will have to create a team to work with you. Finding the right people to come on board is a tricky process, but it’s also crucial. Your team is the heart of your company and if you select the right people early on, the company will have more success. Here are some tips from Dotcom-Capital to help you recruit an amazing team.


Carefully define the position

The number one thing to do when picking a candidate for your team is to define who you are looking for. Yes, this may seem obvious, but many young entrepreneurs skip this step, which causes problems later on. Before you begin the selection process, make sure you have a list of the qualities you are looking for in an employee and of work tasks that you want to delegate to that member of the team. The more precisely you define your needs early on, the easier it will be to find the perfect person for your team.

Be personally involved in the recruiting process

Another extremely important element in the process is your presence. At the early days of a company, most entrepreneurs are very involved, but this should not change drastically after you’ve reached success. You know your company best, so you should be involved in choosing members of your team. Talk to them get to know them, a candidate may seem great on paper, but you may discover during the interview that he doesn’t fit what you’re looking for. This is why it is crucial you be the part of the selection process. If Google’s CEO can do it, so can you.

Choose candidates who fit your company’s culture

Every company has its own business culture. This means that your startup has a certain, unique, way of approaching clients, of doing business with other companies and it has a special relationship with its staff. That’s why you should look for candidates that fit this culture. During the interviews, you’ll surely notice if someone can possibly fit in with your other employees or if his values just don’t work well with yours. Why is this so important? Your staff is the best representation of your business, you need to choose people who believe in it just as much as you do.

Hire people who are eager to learn

The most important quality to look for in a candidate is his willingness to learn. Many applicants have impressive resumes and amazing work experience, but you should find out what they’ve learned from all of that. A great team is needs to be able to grow together with your company, and on the road to success, learn from experience (and even mistakes). That’s why you should pick those who not only have some experience, but have learned from that experience. This is the key value you should look for in all your team members.


Finding the perfect employees for your startup is most certainly a challenging task. But if you take your time and follow our simple tips, you’ll surely build an impressive team, which will make your business blossom! Looking for more tips and helpful advice? Feel free to contact us at Dotcom-Capital.

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