How to handle HR procedures as a startup founder?

As a young entrepreneur, you are a professional in the field you are working in. Of course, you would like to develop your startup further. But in order to do that, you need a group of people surrounded around a goal.

For the sake of achieving what you have planned on, you need certain HR related powers.

Here are a few steps for handling HR procedures as a founder of the startup.

Make the clear vision

When an experienced professional comes to the job interview, of course, you should interrogate him in order to get his abilities and knowledge straight. But you need to do your part as well.

Working in a startup is an unsecure position to be in. One cannot know whether the startup will fail or not. One cannot know anything precise regarding working hours or salaries.

But the thing that can make an experienced professional to be in the game with you is


  • What benefits does your idea bring to the world?
  • Are there some benefits for the employees?
  • Is the project scalable in its core?

Define the vision through answering these simple questions and present them to each individual that inspires you. Present your vision to every individual you think will pass into your team.

Create your own company culture

Factors that contribute to the company culture are:

  • The vision
  • Core values
  • norms and symbols
  • languages, beliefs, and habits

Those are all the things that you, as a founder, bring to your startup. If you doubt that you are able to pass those values onto your team members, you should consider whether the role of a founder is the right thing for you.

Handbook is not passé

Making a handbook about your company’s ideas, rules and benefits comes very handy when it comes to hiring new people. You should have a handbook in order for your employees and members of the team know exactly where your company stands. In that way, they will know where they stand as well.

Vacation days, sick days, policies and other important bits of information make up this corporate bible. In that way, both you and team members will have all the needed information in one place. It also saves the time for the unnecessary questions. And we all know time equals money in business world.

What will continue to motivate team members (and attract new ones)?

If you have managed to gather the team of people that are motivated enough to follow your goal, do you think that it is the money that is keeping them around?

Of course not.

Being involved in a startup is all about the mission. It is all about further progressing your own knowledge in an environment that is constantly developing.

Just continue respecting your team member’s decisions. Show that you are all a part of something big. In that way, you are going to keep your old team members, and find new professionals that will be equally interested in the mission you are involved in.

If you need support or mentoring during your process of founding a startup, feel free to contact our Dotcom-Capital team. We are waiting for you!