How to make a killer ”About Us” page and how important is it actually?

You probably think that the content of your blog posts is the most important thing for your website.

Okay, it is important.

But what about the “About Us” page? Should it be neglected?

Of course not!

A lot of newbie companies are making the same mistake. They are focusing on the blog posts and forget all about static pages that are gold for customers that land on the website.

If someone is just stumbling upon through the internet and finishes on your website. They are first going to land on “About Us” page to check up on your company’s idea.

What should “About Us” page consist of?

  • Your company’s idea

You shouldn’t make a 1000 words article about what you and your team do. Keep it short and simple. Try to add some entertaining quotes to your text. It would keep the interest in your goal going, and the majority of your audience will be eager to read some blog post afterwards. Maybe even subscribe and want to get weekly newsletter from you.

  • Contact information

You shouldn’t hide your contact section. It should be visible on “About Us” page as well. Your audience should know your e-mail address and your phone number in case of some business proposal. Someone would maybe want an advice or mentorship from you. Keep it clear whom they should be communicating to regarding probable issues or questions.

  • Photos of the founder and co-workers

Of course, you should first ask your co-workers for the permission to post their photos on your site. But it will just be better if they accept it. People react to photos. People react to visual sense more than written word. If you post a few photos of your working environment, you will just get more respect among your audience. Look at “About Us” page, wouldn’t you want to join this hygge Danish working environment? Of course you would!

  • It shouldn’t be all about you

Of course that explaining your goal is important. But think about what you are offering to your audience. How are you going to solve their problem, in which way are you going to make their lives better? Is it all about quality for you? Answer some of these questions before you start making your “About Us” section:

  1. How did your company get started?
  2. Who are the founders?
  3. Where did your idea originate from?
  4. What are your core values?
  5. What motivates you to keep on developing further?

And then, after answering these question and after making a killer “About Us” content, don’t forget to update it whenever you get a new idea!

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