Is email marketing better than social media marketing?

If you are just starting a business, you might as well be confused about all the options that you have in the online world. When we say “email marketing”, a lot of people do not approve it since it seems old school.

  • Why would you use email marketing when you have social media platforms?

a question might arise. And what are the answers to that question?

Social media uses algorithms

It should be a good thing. In theory, Facebook and Instagram have news feeds that are algorithm based, and not just in chronological order. This means that, if you like or comment on the page, you will get to see more of it as the time goes by. In theory, that means that you cannot miss anything that interests you on social media. But just think about it again, are you overflown with information on daily basis? Does it happen to you that sometimes, you even forget checking up your Facebook profile? That is what’s happening to us all.

  • How often does it happen to you not to check up your email?

Probably never! Even though it seems old school, people stick to it. If you give your email address to someone, they know that you will write, they want that from you.

  • If there is an algorithm change, chances are you are going to be on the bottom of the news feed. With email marketing, then only thing that can happen is customer not getting your email. And it doesn’t happen very often.

Email marketing builds relationships

With email marketing, you can focus on growing the email list, on building a true relationship with your consumers. It’s important to own a personal brand or personal site. In that way, people will trust you more. Your own source should be trustworthy in order to develop your business. And the easiest thing to do it is through email list. You should follow your audience and realize what you do good.

  • What is the thing that is working with your audience? Do more of it
  • What is not working and is a complete rubbish according to your audience? Do less of it.

You will be seen by people that want to see you

If you are writing a blog, and you make a pop up in the middle of the text saying “give me your email if you want to continue reading”, and people are actually subscribing – that is a great sign! It shows that people want to hear from you. It shows that they are interested in what you have to say. It further means that your marketing strategy has a point. And with email subscription, you are going to get more active users that want to enroll in what you are doing. If you just use social media marketing, you might as well get a bunch of likes. But not from people that want to be active in real life.

If you have more questions about email marketing strategy, feel free to contact Casper Ravn-Sørensen. And if you need advises around your startup, submit your case here and wait for our answer. But first you should know that, we are waiting for you!