Lessons for young entrepreneurs on building trust

Here’s a little story for you.

There once was this young entrepreneur.

He had bright ideas, he had vision and above all, he had courage to start his own business. He gathered a great team around his amazing idea and off he went.

So, do you think he reached the success he aimed for? He might have succeeded, but everything he had was not all it took to be successful. What he needed to acquire before being off to a great start was the trust of his peers!


Yes, trust is an essential element on the road to success. A good idea is not good enough if you don’t earn the trust of the people from your field.

How can you do this you ask?

Here are some ways to earn trust of those around you:

Believe in yourself

The number one thing to know about building trust is that first and foremost, you need to trust yourself. That great idea we mentioned? Believe in it! The great entrepreneur you strive to be is already there, you just need to trust him! If you don’t trust yourself, others won’t trust you either. So hold your head up high, stand behind your ideas and go out there to make your business dreams a reality!

Make a name for yourself

How would a young entrepreneur such as the one from our story become trustworthy? By publishing great content on his online platforms of course. Nowadays, you can do wonders in the world of business by having a great presence online. If you want to make yourself heard, set up a website or a blog and publish quality content. This will present both you and your business. By reading your posts, potential investors, partners or clients will get to know you and, if your site is any good, they will begin to trust you too!

Keep your promises

This one is a no-brainer. The definition of trustworthiness is keeping your promises. Everyone, especially an up-and-coming entrepreneur, needs to deliver on their promises. How can you do this? It’s fairly simple really. You need to make realistic promises and make them happen. You should promise even slightly less than what you are able to give and then overdeliver. Your clients will be surprised if they get everything on time and have more than they signed up for! The same goes for investors and partners!

Trust others

The last piece of advice for our young entrepreneur? If you want others to trust you, you need to trust them. Trust is a two-way street. You can’t expect to gain trust if you don’t trust others. With this one you need to be careful. Not everyone is trustworthy. Surround yourself with great people and it won’t be difficult to trust them. However, if you have an awful team, there will be no trust there. So, appreciate others and be appreciated by them!


There once was this young entrepreneur

He had bright ideas, he had vision and above all, he had courage to start his own business. He gathered a great team around his amazing idea and off he went. He learned some lessons on building trust and guess what? People trusted him and he made it big!


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