Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup

When Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup first started studying about business and economics at Copenhagen Business School in 2008, he was just another student interested in getting the knowledge of marketing and financing. As years went by, he realized that he needed some real life practice since one cannot learn everything in the classroom. Though all the teachers gave him enough knowledge, he was afraid that he couldn’t even get the right job the moment he is out in the real world with a bachelor degree in business.

After two years of studying, he decided to take up a project and start working on his future. While he was still in his student days, he got a job in CreativeAndmee ApS where he was enrolled in creative process of creating webpages with full functional e-mail platform. The company was focused on design, usability and derivability primarily and he worked with the most famous brands in Denmark at that point.

After almost two years of working experience in CreativeAndmee ApS, he changed his job. He has come to realize that business development was more of his thing while he assisted in developing some of the platforms while also doing marketing campaigns as something he already was familiar with.

Learning new cultures and their ways of doing business

Not only that he wanted to develop himself professionally, but also culturally.  In 2013, he finished Master of Professional Accounting in Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. Above all, the most important lesson was Chinese Economy and Business Strategies he took, which shows that Mads is an open-minded person ready to take challenges and learn new things in order to develop himself and every idea that he has internationally. Casper Ravn-Sørensen has understood that right from the start. He saw a potential in the guy, and being as venturesome as he is, he got an idea that maybe the two of them should make a collaboration of a kind. He likes to say:

I got most of my best friends that I have today through business occasions. A lot of people say that you should keep your old friends close; those friends that knew you before you got all the money. I have a few of those friends. But I also meet a lot of new ones due to all the qualities I show through the business management of my companies and projects. You have to be smart to conclude who would be the best for you, but to whom your friendship and your ideas can help as well.

Nothing without communication

During their initial business experience, they felt very comfortable working with each other. They are both different but this turned to be a good thing for the business. It’s not always something like this happens, they concluded, so they decided to make a permanent cooperation in the form of Dotcom Capital.

Their partnership is based on three things: communication, roles and the right timing.

If you feel that you are the person who has the right abilities, experience and knowledge, with the new idea ready to conquer the world, feel free to read more about Casper and Mads, and eventually connect with them in person to present your idea.