Partnership in the light of single and multiplayer games

There are many advises to read from various successful entrepreneurs on the planet. Most of them are focused on you being more of a single player instead of a team player. But is it really true?

If you are a 90’s kid, you have probably played Super Mario. It is mainly focused on you trying to reach the goal (save the princess) and on the way, encounter many difficulties. You have many lives but sometimes the obstacles are too complicated and frightening that you end up dead. And then you are starting all over again. Until you get to the end. Until you are able to see all these obstacles as the opportunities to evolve and learn something new. And in the end, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, the path is what is important. And how many times you actually got up and what you’ve experienced on the way to your goal.

Entrepreneurship in video games

It seems like a solid explanation to an entrepreneur’s way of life. After all, you are the one that came up with the idea and that had guts to start working on it. You are the one that has the strings of his own life. And you are the one that is going to fight and make all the troubles worth in the end. In the whole process after all, you are just trying to make the world a better place.

Multiplayer games vs. single player games

Okay, we are not trying to say the above mentioned is not correct. But, with the development of all the multiplayer games, single player games have suddenly taken a back seat. And why that happened exactly?

Well, as human beings, we are the creatures of contact. Yes, we were born alone, and there are many things we are destined to do by ourselves. But when it comes to life as a bigger picture, we would all want to have someone holding our back. It is never easy when you do not have anyone to help you, to go with you through difficult times. Maybe it would be just a simple conversation, nothing else, to make things easier for you during the whole process.

That is why people have started playing multiplayer games more than the other games.

Recognizing who you can work with

While playing a multiplayer game, you can easily see who is compatible to your sense of playing the game. If you are a person prone to stress, then you would need someone who is able to calm you down. Having a person who shares the same stress level as yours means you two are going to create a disaster out of your working and living space. Bear in mind that two persons that are a bit different by nature can prevent the existence of the bad energy surrounding.

A person who shares the same passion as you do

If you are playing with a person who is not passionate enough about the game, you can easily get annoyed by this fact with time. If he/she is not excited enough about new possibilities. If they don’t want to give more of their time to the project, then you have nothing to do with them. Playing multiplayer games will teach you how to recognize the spirit in those people and how to choose them as your team players (partners). As Casper Ravn-Sørensen would say:

You must understand that your own capabilities are not enough. You have to find those people that will compliment your skills. A long-term business requires a strong team with the same passion for work, self-driven and ambitions to work on achieving your dreams. Building up a team that will compliment and motivate each other, and push each other hard in achieving settled goals. I believe in building up that company culture, the team and keeping them motivated. Of course, the feeling of accomplishment and each result you bring to the company has its own impact as well. 

Which partners are doing which key activities for you?

In most of the multiplayer games, every character is choosing their own “profession” and in that way, they are building a team that is focused on the common goal and of course, victory.

That is the same way in which startups function. In the same way you are to choose your purpose in the game, you are choosing it in real life working environment. Usually, in multiplayer games, such as World of Warcraft, all the characters are leveling up in their own sphere of work. But you are not able to win if you are not teamed up with other people. And it is precisely how the startup (and every other large company) works. Sometimes you bear greater knowledge about certain things and you are to help the other teammates in order to win. In any case, you need interaction and team spirit among people to get to the goal. It is practically the same as entrepreneurship, right?

Entrepreneurship is a tough game and pretty much demands your complete focus, but it’s all about passion and pursuing your personal and professional goals. The main motivation when it comes to being an entrepreneur is that you get to structure your own everyday life. One thing that means a lot to me is that I am able to make things happen, not just my things but also other entrepreneur’s dreams.

So, before making a huge step in becoming partners with someone, you should consider a few questions in advance:

  1. Who is going to be the head of things?

You are to bring decisions together, but it is always one person that has more influence and experience than the other. That one person should be “in charge” when it comes to new big things happening. In partnership, no one should be annoyed by that, it is simply how most of the things function. It is not a question of hierarchy, it never was. But if one person has more influence, then he/she should be the one dealing with most important things ahead.

  1. Sharing the profit

It is always hard to talk about the profit. Usually, in the beginning, there is no profit. And that means you are to talk about something non existing yet. But if you make a hypothetical plan about things coming, and if you create a few possible solutions that sound better to both sides, there is nothing that can shake your arrangement.

  1. What if someone withdraws?

Sometimes, it happens that a partner wants to withdraw. It doesn’t mean that he/she isn’t satisfied with the company issues and the atmosphere. Maybe it is some personal reason that lies in between. Or one of the partners have just realized that that kind of business is not working in reality. Even though you now, in the beginning, think that no one will withdraw, be sure to make a plan, just in case. It doesn’t take too much time or energy, but it brings the sense of composure and calmness in the whole process.

  1. Question of defining small and big problems

You have to be aware of all the problems in the project. And the most important thing regarding that is actually being open and transparent about all of it. Write down everything you think and respect what your partner is saying. Taking everything into consideration brings positive outcome on the long path.

You should always be aware of the fact that your partners are integral to your business succeeding. Just as in any multiplayer game where everyone is co-dependent in their independence. We are all having are own strengths and weaknesses. The thing that is leads us to success is our ability to accept us and in that way, embrace the fact that we have to welcome other people’s abilities and proposals. Everything in order to get the goal we have determined.

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