The Danish model of a startup working environment

It is getting harder and harder to find a job that would fit you perfectly. Most of the times it is the working environment people have issues with.

A huge company

If you are working in an enterprise, you have a great possibility of developing many of your skills and going from a junior customer service representative, for example, to team leader and then maybe shift to a position of a manager. But we all know that the working environment in those places isn’t so pleasant. Of course it is not a physical job you are working with, but still. You have to work by the same desk, around the same objects 8 hours a day and it is exhausting.

Works at “self-employed”

If you are working as a freelancer, you have a slightly different problem. There are no hideous working desks, you don’t have to go to work every day at a specific time, but still. You are not working for your idea. You still have an urge to make it right and do something for yourself and the group of people you are collaborating with.

Change the game

So, if you secretly wish to change the course you are heading, just do it. Signing up for a startup project is scary. You never know what will happen, but then again, if you never try, you will never find out. There are a lot of startups that failed. But also a lot of them who succeeded.

Based on my experience, it’s stressful and requires a huge amount of time invested. But you will figure it out, you will think strategically and find a solution that will fit your case. In our days, young people are encouraged to take a year off from school to travel and discover themselves. There are many opportunities to discover your potential, take many challenges and just do whatever your heart and mind dictates you to do as Casper Ravn-Sørensen would say.

Make it hygge

Danish people have a word hygge which could be translated to cosy. It is not a 100% synonym but it is relatable. It is a certain way of life that Danish people have and it presents a keyword for having a blast at the workplace. It is true that everyone has obligations and they should finish everything on time, but it is important to take a break, chill a bit and have a hygge talk with co-workers. That is what you can do if you are to create a project of a startup.

Informal communication and space

In the Danish language, the communication between people is rather informal. They rarely use hedges in the language use. And therefore, you could consider it in your own startup business model. If people talk with each other in a less formal way, they grow to be closer together, and they are making a working space more laid-back and comfortable.

As a Business Angel, I am always happy to share with my knowledge, experience and network – I think these are the main needs each entrepreneur has at the early stage says Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

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