Why startups need to get more serious about security?

When starting a company, there are a few extremely important things to do before launching.

Many young entrepreneurs remember to invest in their product and marketing, but most forget the importance of security. Most will have a good lock on their door, but nowadays, they should be more concerned with online security as their business relies on it.


Why is your business potentially at risk?

More online transactions

The number of cashless payments is on the rise, which means that internet predators have more targets than ever. While online payments are generally quite secure, you need to be careful about payments on your platform or website as they can be a vulnerable spot for your company.

More apps and mobile-only users

Another factor that contributes to the growing number of attacks is the fact that more and more people are now using their mobile phones for everything, including manipulating with sensitive data. They are also hooked on apps which have access to sensitive personal data, another potential security issue. This concerns your business because you and your team might be using potentially harmful apps, so beware!

More cloud-based business solutions

As the internet expands, numerous users choose to use cloud-based solutions. Same goes for companies. This is not an unsafe decision per se, but if you store all your data on a cloud, you should invest in some security solutions to protect your most precious info.


Research has shown that there is an increased risk of hacker attacks. Even if you own a small business, don’t think you can’t (and won’t) get attacked at some point

Here are some tips on how to keep your company safe from online security breaches


  • Train your employees to be careful. The number one thing to do to increase security is to train your staff to be more cautious. Teach them how to spot spam mails and scams, how to avoid dangerous phishing sites, etc. This seemingly obvious step is an important one as many great and trained staff members can prove to be uninformed of these common risks, so teaching them some security basics can be a great decision.


  • Give employees limited access to sensitive data. You should trust your team, but giving them restricted access to important and sensitive data has nothing to do with this. It is beneficial to limit everyone’s access, so that if you ever experience security threats, hackers cannot hack a single person thus getting access to the entire company. This step is a simple way to up your security level.


  • Keep backup. Whatever you do, wherever you stock your data, keep a backup! This is a great piece of advice both personally and especially professionally. The last thing you want is to get hacked, lose all data and then not have a copy at all. Just to be sure, keep a safe copy of everything important you do, so that you can minimize losses if anything bad was ever to happen.


  • Invest in good hacker protection software. The most important thing to do to keep safe is to invest in good software. Safety should always be your priority, so you should really think about investing in good protection. Never consider this a financial loss, you can only gain from investing in good software!

Security is the number one thing to take care of, so don’t hesitate to take all steps necessary to protect your startup. If you need financial help with this, check out various investors and get your business the security it needs today!