The vision for Budgetbutler is to change the way we make budgets, and the way we normally look at our day to day economy. Budgetbutler is a personal assistent that makes sure you get the price for the products that you have, by using big data to discover spikes and abnormalities in your daily spending.

Budgetbutler can tell if your phone bill, internet plan or other recurring payments and memberships are extraordinary high, and offer the best alternatives based on the needs that you have. It can memberships you were unaware of and cancel them with your accept and – because it’s linked in live with your bank account – give you daily updates on your spendings.

Your private Budgetbutler can make you safe thousands of kroner every year, simply by breaking down your spending and suggesting better alternatives in the market. All data is kept 100% safe and private.

Go to www.budgetbutler.dk and download the app today and start saving today.