A service for all website owners that creates revenue by capitalizing on your online content. Your website could be driving sales without you even knowing. Heylink helps you monetize and get a commission from the traffic you generate that becomes sales.

The idea is that all links that is going out your page, whether it’s a blog, new site or something else that is not direct e-commerce, the links that are going out, are exchanged with affiliate links, that makes you earn commission every time a sale is made if the traffic from your page generates the sale. So if you have a tech blog, and you review a brand new camera, and you link to the place to buy it for the best price, HeyLink makes sure you can commission.

HeyLink is still new to market, but has already closed big deals with major players in the market, and are expanding rapidly each month. The concept has huge potential and global scope, however currently mainly focussing on Scandinavia. We are looking forward to see what the future holds.

For more information about HeyLink and the options to be a part of it, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.