In short time Pearl Wax has become a preferred beauty product supplier for many women around Europe. By offering a product, that is cheap and easy to use, Pearl Wax has earned a loyal customer base, who prefer their product over a trip to the professional beauty salon.

The product seems fairly simple, but the problem it solves can be very stressful for a lot of women. Pearl Wax offers the tools, that makes it possible to do hair waxing at home in an environment, where you feel comfortable. With only three items (heater, pearls and spatulas) you can do everything yourself and thereby saves you the trip to the expensive beauty salon.

Although it might be scary to do yourself, Pearl Wax offers a lot of guidance to get the job safely done. The product offered makes it possible for the costumers to use it for every skin type, and the technology behind the wax pearls means there is no need for the use of strips.

The succes comes through the fulfilment of a need, that is present for almost every woman. Pearl Wax has been able to figure out how penetrate a competitive market, where they now are consolidated in multiple eorupean countries, and are looking to expand the inventory of products.