Provides you with Gastronomic experiences of the highest standards in Denmark, and makes sure that you get the best possible price on your supreme dining experience.

Spis i Byen is a concept where people can get time limited special prices on the more than 100 high end restaurants spread around all of Denmark. All the associated restaurants focus on delivering the best possible experience for their guest, whether it’s on the high end classic restaurant, or all the up in the top with Michelin stared restaurants that you also find on Spis i Byen.

The prices on each dining experience is exclusive on Spis i Byen, and the customers can’t find the same price anywhere else, which makes Spis i Byen an exclusive concept for people eating out regularly and wanting to get the best price on their dining experience.

Furthermore the concept gives people the option of buying exclusive dining experience at top restaurants as gift for friends, family and business partners in a smart and convenient way. And if people sign up for the newsletter, new exclusive offers in high end dining will end up in their inbox every week. Always with something new and exciting.

Enjoy Spis i Byen.