Works in the financial industry, where the main focus is to supply fintech solutions in Scandinavia by developing platforms for lead generation.

Uni Finance are experts in financial products, and are developing and designing their own platforms from the bottom in order to optimize the interaction with the customer. The customers need is the key, and the intelligence platform will through the customers journey analyse all the gathered data. This enables the platform to predict the needs and trends of customers.

The team has many years of experience in the online marketing industry, with financial products as the main focus. Together with the self-developed platforms, Uni Finance are able to tailor a marketing effort, that generates quality leads based on segmented traffic.

The key to succes for Uni Finance is to constantly optimize the processes, that makes it possible for the company to supply succesfull solutions to its more than 12 financial partners.

With +40.000 monthly unique visitors, Uni Finance are amongst the leaders, when it comes to setting the standards for being a provider of fintech solutions in Scandinavia.