– in cooperation with SAS EuroBonus

Is an exclusive high end member club, made in corporation with SAS, based in Copenhagen. Whatelse is approaching customers interested in high end products at a sharp price. When buying a product at Whatelse, you always get the best deal on the products or experience you are buying, and you earn SAS EuroBonus points.

Besides having a wide range of exclusive deals and products, the key feature is that you earn SAS EuroBonus point for every time you buy something. The amount of points you get, is equivalent to the amount you spend on buying products which can be used for eg. Flight tickets, products and much more. Everyone can become a member at Whatelse, whether you are a SAS EuroBonus member or not

Regular deal sites often offers cheap products of low quality imported from China, that has a unrealistic before price. At Whatelse we only sell premium products and brands, and the deals are also exclusive to the customers on what else, and they range from designer bags and jewelry to exclusive deals on dining at Michelin restaurants. With every purchase you earn SAS EuroBonus points.

Whatelse strive for high customer service and the best member experience in Scandinavia. Satisfied customers is what makes us proud, and with thousands of them daily we are proud to run what we call the best deal site in Scandinavia.

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