About Dotcom Capital

Dotcom-Capital is not like any other. Combining venture capital with an active business angel we can help taking your dotcom project to the next level. Not all start-ups needs pure cash, but some also need resources within business development, technology, marketing or online payments.

We only invest or engage in online projects and preferably in the early phase of the project. This is to make sure we spend our resources where we are good and can capitalize together with you and your project.

If you are looking for cash, brains or both, you have come to the right place.
We call it intelligent money.

Dotcom-Capital can assist you and your business with capital, guidance and knowledge.

Our passion at Dotcom-Capital is to inspire and help new businesses to grow and flourish.

Dotcom-Capital is a joint venture between the online entrepreneurs Casper Ravn-Sørensen, Mads Dahlerup and Nickolai Hoff. All three are serial entrepreneurs with many years of experiences in the online marketing industry. We have knowledge of starting various online businesses and running and improving online projects.

Board of Directors


Works in the financial industry, where the main focus is to supply fintech solutions in Scandinavia by developing platforms for lead generation.

Provides you with Gastronomic experiences of the highest standards in Denmark, and makes sure that you get the best possible price on your supreme dining experience.

By offering a product, that is cheap and easy to use, Pearl Wax has earned a loyal customer base, who prefer their product over a trip to the professional beauty salon.

The vision for Budgetbutler is to change the way we make budgets, and the way we normally look at our day to day economy.

Loyalty Key’s core competence is the development and operation of white label and tailor-made loyalty solutions for both large and medium-sized companies.

An online payment service provider based on Copenhagen with the main focus of delivering affordable payments solution to online business owners in Europe.

Is an exclusive high end member club, made in corporation with SAS, based in Copenhagen. Whatelse is approaching customers interested in high end products at a sharp price.